A place of peace and tranquility

Le Terrazze sul mare is the ideal place to host residential courses, groups and workshops.

A place of peace, ideal for the practice of artistic and holistic activities in quiet and protected spaces both outdoors and indoors. The atmosphere of the rooms is simple, soft and welcoming.

The agritourism is surrounded by wide flat terraces, shaded by olive trees facing the sea.

We also provide a large Open-Space lounge on the mezzanine floor, with access from two sides of the house. The maximum capacity, depending on the type of activity carried out, is about 20/25 people.

These areas offer the possibility of working outside in direct contact with nature.

At your disposal

The harmonious and essential setting facilitates introspection and an encounter with oneself and nature.

We are open all year round by reservation.

On request we can offer purely vegetarian cuisine, adapting meal times to the needs of course participants.

We are available to evaluate the proposals of anyone who wants to organize  all sorts of events .

We offer the organizers visibility on our online calendar.

Upon reservation  you can always take Yoga classes, Shiatsu and Rebirthing treatments.

We also organize small cooking workshops.

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Point of interest

Things to do

Liguria is a region unique in the world.

Sea and land come together in an incredible atmosphere.


If the coast was a necklace, Zoagli would be the central pearl.

Zoagli is a small fisher village with beautiful bays known mainly as a seaside resort.

Its small free or equipped beaches, the wonderful pedestrian promenade overlooking the sea that enchants anyone, a wooden setting of paths and mule tracks, including streams, creuze and old mills are the main attractions for those who allow themselves to enjoy the place.

From the Terrazze sul mare you can walk down through woods, olive trees, lemons, dogwoods and holm oaks, pick up your car and park it in one of the two large car parks in the center, or take the bus that will take you to the main square.

A sandwich by the sea, an ice cream or a stop in one of the many restaurants downtown, a walk through the five villages that surround the village, a visit to the historic silk -works, will make your days unforgettable.

The coast and the inland

Between Zoagli, Rapallo, Chiavari, Camogli, Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure winds the Portofino Natural Park which -  together with the Marine Protected Area -  is a natural oasis of great environmental and landscape value.

You can choose several routes including more than 80 km of marked trails. A walk through spectacular panoramic views will immerge you in a nature and in a world of ancient taste.  An inland just waiting to be discovered. Nothing more beautiful to regenerate.

The Cinque Terre

Pushing you a little further, by train or by boat, you can reach the Cinque Terre, a destination of great beauty.

5 colourful villages set on the sea known all over the world.

Since 1997, together with the nearby Portovenere,  the Cinque Terre are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and  constitute an extraordinary National Park visited every year by millions of people.


If you are looking for cultural trips, you cannot miss the immense and superb Genoa.

For many centuries the beating heart of the Mediterranean sea traffic, it is still today one of the most important port cities in Europe.

Beautiful and all to discover, rich in museums, villas, churches and palaces that contain unexpected treasures, Genoa is definitely worth a visit.

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